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           his page celebrates how the Ignatian tradition still inspires artists and audiences today. Click on               some of the links here to find out about theatre practitioners and groups throughout the world.               We will update this page throughout the Ignatian year, so if you know of a group you would like to be represented here, contact us so we can add them.


"Show me a successful individual, and I'll show you someone who had positive influences in his or her life.  The late Bob Stone, my mentor, was a former actor and professor at Fordham University.  Bob was one of those influences in my life. He believed in me and gave me something to live up to... I am here by the grace of God, humility, and hard work"

- Denzel Washington

“We were talking about Ignatius'  'Spiritual Exercises', and Father Dan [Berrigan]said to me, in passing, ‘Did you know that Stanislavsky (who is the first modern theorist of acting, who kind of put a bible of acting together) based his book on Ignatius'  'Spiritual Exercises'?’” And a lightbulb went off in my head. It was like, I’m supposed to be here, in the middle of the jungle, to hear this. And it really changed something in me. I became very proud of the profession I had chosen, and the luck I was having. It had a real profound effect on me.”

- Liam Neeson

Theater groups

Send us an email with your group for us to include on this page.

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