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Welcome to Jesuit Theater 
Home of this year's "Vitus Project"


This page is maintained through the work of Magis Theatre Company with a grant from the Jesuits of USA East and the Ignatian 500 Fund.

We hope that this can become the most comprehensive and convenient resource for finding out more about the tradition of Jesuit Theater.  


This page is an evolving resource.  If you know of a group that ought to be included here, let us know and we will do our best to include them.

           ounded in the 16th Century, the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) is an order of Catholic priests                                 and brothers following the tradition of Ignatius of Loyola who developed a method of                                           contemplation and prayer that seeks a spiritual connection by use of the imagination, the feelings, and a practice of reflection in a way that is similar to what we do in theater. Whether it is fact or lore, it has even been said that much of the acting “method” used by many actors today has borrowed extensively from the Ignatian tradition.

Many of Europe’s classical dramatists were formed by Jesuit Education.  Check out the History Page to find out more. As a living tradition, there are many theatre artists today who have been influenced by the Ignatian Jesuit tradition. You can find out about them on the Current Page.
This year is a special year in our history and we invite you to take part in our “Vitus Project”. You can find out more about it here.


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